Lipinski rules for carbon dating

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One climbing quickly — not the winner, though One climbing scripture teacher reflects One closed American borders for cars One clubber picked up going round the island One code-named Renegade b One coin for each person One cold coffee is brought over, and a type of pastry One cold symptom One cold to walk over?

One caught in a police st One caught in passion covered spot One caught off base, perh One cause of deforestatio One cause of trembling One causes cuts in circulation, with red top in panic One causing mayhem One cauterizing a skin bl One cautioning about open One changing colour extremely dirty I hesitate to say One chasing - type of watch One checking out a place One chewing out One choosing a sweater, e One clapping at a circus?

One displeasing Santa One divided by unknown number's a problem for schoolkids One doesn't like shifting earth One dog biting a Greek character is out of order One doing a balancing job One doing a con job? One doing heavy lifting One doing laundry, often One doing leg. One doing the lord's work One doing the twist, e.g. One going out One going over Trump's head to get Washington money for basic housing? One going through a tunne One going through papers One going to school? One going to the post off One gone but not forgotte One good at breaking One good at forming conne One good at multiplying One good drawing turns up on front of graphic novel causing mixed emotions One grand received by female rambler One grazing steer regularly seen below hilltop One Greek character in match least able to stand up straight? O lead-in O or Cosmo O __ Mio O'Brien of "The Barefoot O'Brien's late-night pred O'Brien's lead-in O'Brien's predecessor O'Casey and O'Kelly O'Casey or O'Faol O'Casey or Penn O'Connor's successor as a O'Connor's successor on t O'Donnell of "Mad Love"O'er and o'er O'Hara estate O'Hara spread O'Hara's portrayer O'Hare monitor abbr. O'Neal of "Love Story"O'Neal of "Paper Moon"O'Neal of "Peyton Place"O'Neal/Streisand comedy, O'Neill and others O'Neill masterwork, for s O'Neill title ender O'Neill's "A Touch of the O'Neill's "Beyond the ___O'Neill's "Desire Under t O'Neill's "The Hairy ___"O'Neill's "___ Christie"O'Neill's Christie O'Rourke, e.g., of "F Tro O's is 8O's overseas O'Toole film playing in SO'Toole of "Cat People"O, e.g. O, in Morse code O, often O, say O, symbolically O-rings, e.g. One giving driving lesson One giving instructions One giving marching order One giving orders One giving permission, I say? One giving shots on a hor One giving the once-over One giving the silent tre One giving way One goes in an old vessel for a voyage One goes in to have meal with Sally on vacation to relax One going along One going around the offi One going back and forth One going before a judge One going by foot One going door-to-door, m One going down fast One going into a drive One going off on somebody One going off to college, One going off to moon with odd ready-made lander finally One going on foot? He tends to be confined inside One fleeing Iraq, perhaps after regime change One flies aircraft at first by way of rocky peak One flies along a road over hill One flies to cave in orderly fashion One flies to Gotham criminal One flipping expression of disgust is sufficient One flu source One flushed with success in throne-room, so to speak? One finding suitable candidates to lead a horse One finishing a marathon One First Lady's maiden n One first rings a doctor, a specialist in feet One fixing deal?

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