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Or maybe you just want to learn about trucking for the educational value. I work for a construction co 12 yrs now .i was hired as a truck driver for their 7yd dump truck pulling a 20 pindle hitch trailer hauling mostly construction …

Learn about life as a trucker its probably not exactly what you think. Can I get a job with multiple accidents at a company I have 3 " accidents" according to the company that will not show up on any report. I ran over a hidden pole in the drive way and bent the rim 2. trucker gets arrested and fired things are still in truck OK so a trucker got arrested for drugs in another state.

I understand that I am responsible but how can I be responsible when load delivers Monday …

Is there a class to take that would help my record Im from saginaw,mi!

No matter what's on your mind I am sure you will get some kind of answer.

Just remember, we are used to talking on the CB not typing it in the computer so you may have some unexpected responses!

The questions regarding felonies will be moved to a page about felonies on your record.

also an average on cost to that single run will cost. Can or do moving companies search my belongings for drugs?

Moving from colorado to another state and would like to bring a little bit of cannabis with me.

correct gear for going up a hill with a very big load your going up an hill with a very massive load behind you , lets say that you have a 9 or 10 speed transmission, what is the correct gear to go up the …

will several dui's before 2000 disqualify me from getting a cdl? I got my first dui in nov 1982 and my last in 1999. I'm wondering if there is a chance I could get a cdl …

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