Looking for erotic chart

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“Now let’s look at the mirror.” Tits looked herself up and down and thought, ‘I’m gonna be the best fuck-toy ever! ‘Another satisfied customer,’ thought Suzy as she went back to work.

’ “I can’t think of it.” The fluid had erased the word breast and vagina from her vocabulary. The woman went into a side room and brought it out to her. When she awoke moments later she looked down at her chest. ‘I wonder how my legs would look in that...’ Just then a woman in her early 20’s walked through the curtain that separated the rest of the salon from the waiting room. “Hi, I’m Suzy and I’ll be your assistant today,” she said. That’s when Sharon looked up and saw the woman for the first time. Let’s see....” Suzy stepped back to examine Sharon more closely.

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