Ms access update query not updating table

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I have spent most of the evening reading previous posts and have learned that Base cannot update records while in a query using more than one table.I am a coin dealer and am trying to migrate from a horrid bloated spreadsheet with about 50 worksheets into something a bit more sophisticated.For a query with new field names, modified order of fields, field count or types of fields you have to build a new report anyway.The filtering by criteria stored in a table can do the job as well as stated by evwool.It is early days, so it's not too late to do major design changes, but it will be in a week or so, so I have to get my head around this soon.thanks in anticipation Declan : )Well, thank you very much Slide Rule, for getting back to me!While trying out your solution, I noticed that two of my tables PKs had disappeared, so I tried to put them back, and got a new errormsg, which told me that the SYS_IDX was broken.Hope that makes sense - it's why adding the PK from the PEOPLE table isn't an option - that would just return who I bought the coin from, not who I sold it to! Furthermore, does Post Gre SQL support updates, from a Query, when the Query is defined from multiple tables?

If you choose to participate, the online survey will be presented to you when you leave the Technet Web site. Content : SELECT "Date" AS "Date", "Meal" AS "Meal", "Food" AS "Food", "Calories" AS "Calories", "Carbs" AS "Carbs", "Remarks" AS "Remarks" FROM "menu Table 2" AS "menu Table 2"Analyse SQL : Yes Filter : There is a drop down that brings up a query based on the table Variables I insert what ever new date I want. Here's a really simple example of using a filter table to filter a report Just wanted to say thanks for your "tip" to make the "Dynamic" reports actually work.I spend about a month trying to get it to work and it never did; all the reports were "static."I'm not sure of all the hidden menus and programming needed, but your tip to go into the Form properties and adjust the "command" sequence worked.But when I change the query's criteria the report does not automatically change. Thanks a lot Bagkaw When I open report in write there is a general control that is open called 'General'It has two tabs : General and Data. As you can see I didn't use spell checker.''''''Villeroy posted a workaround for this but I can't find his example - sorry Villeroy:(The workaround is to base your report on a query that is filtered by a table Use Villeroy's ever-useful Filter Table idea - a single row table which is used only to filter things, add the Filter table to your query and link the field in the filter table to your data table.I have trawled through the forums and tried numerous things (editing the reports content type, content etc) but to no avail. The follows selections are made under the Data tab: Content type : SQL Command. When I use Calc I import from Calc in a preformatted tymplate. You can update the filter table's data in various ways, including list boxes.

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