Multiple users updating excel spreadsheet

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If you or other people have One Note 2010 or later, you can work in the One Note desktop and mobile applications while other people are working on the same notebook in One Note Online.

You can share the notebook in One Drive, just like Excel, Word, and Power Point documents, but you can also share the notebook in One Note 2010 or later.

For example: All users open the spreadsheet at the start of the day. So say three users now all start populating the spreadsheet on their respective PCs from row 151 downwards.

At the end of the day they have all populated several lines each.

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Many thanks Excel 2007 Win 7 PC Shared spreadsheets are a nasty hack that IMO are best avoided and never work properly.The notebook functions like a wiki where everyone contributes.You can see who did what, and you can revert a page back to a previous version if necessary. Now when you return to the spreadsheet, you should see [Shared] at the end of the file name.Hi I could anybody please help me with the following problem: I have a database which involves multiple users (3 to 4) simultaneously inputting data into the main spreadsheet throughout the day.

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