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After the show, the two talked to winner didn't deserve to go home, but Nastia didn't connect with the TV audience the same way that Rumer or Noah did.Nastia was a favorite of the entire press and crew for her warm disposition and caring nature, but unfortunately that didn't seem to come through on television (something Nastia admitted to me, as you'll see below).

We realized we're both very similar when it comes to our careers, and we really wanted to take on this challenge."Of course, now as we get ready to close out season 20, the talk turns to the fall installment of , and whether Derek will return for that. Other Notes with a special evening featuring several of the judges, former pros, celebs, and more special guests.

"You know, it doesn't really matter," explained Derek.

"That's the could have been or what it's done, it's over.

But sometimes, plans change, or the couple gets overwhelmed, leaving the wedding timeline skewed. The gymnast and her fiancé Matt Lombardi recently announced the postponement of their nuptials.

Though the couple has been engaged for almost two years and had plans to tie the knot in Newport, Rhode Island, this June, they've decided together to hold off for the time being.

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