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The only person who can change this is the person who is presently unavailable.

Remember that being available or unavailable has nothing to do with love, it is all about conditioning and a choice to continue to be unavailable or to change it.

More harsh truth: if someone is truly interested in being your partner, they won’t leave you hanging until the last minute or make you feel guilty for wanting to plan time with them.

The fact is, if you are a priority on someone’s emotional radar, you’ll be a priority in their schedule. Everything is on their terms Another classic sign of an emotionally unavailable person is that any relationship is always on their terms.

It’s about where he is at in this moment emotionally and staying with that discomfort, instead of running or presenting it as fixed, resolved or all sorted out.

It is not about oversharing or being dramatic for the sake of it, it is sharing what is relevant to develop that connection in an authentic way.

And for a man in a society where we give our such mixed messages, it’s no surprise that both the people asking men to be emotionally available and the men who are trying to achieve it, are confused.

One of life’s interesting phenomenon is that we often reject the very thing we seek.

If you want real love and a true partnership, then the first step is to stop seeking validation via a relationship you feel you have to 'save.' Instead, know that you are worthy of someone who gives as well as getting.While it’s perfectly normal to have had past relationships that affect how you approach new love, all too often the emotionally unavailable man or woman will proudly wear their past like a type of intimacy-repelling armour that prevents anyone getting closer – even those they’ve been seeing for a while.Without this closeness and vulnerability, there can be no emotional intimacy – which means your relationship will have trouble becoming anything other than casual.They’ll want to hear your voice and arrange your next date – and they’ll make the effort to be available.3.All your plans are made last minute Saturday night, and you’re waiting by the phone for them to make good on those ‘let’s do something this weekend’ plans. Or you’ve got a friend’s birthday, or a wedding and you’re nervous about asking them to be your plus one as, every time you try and plan these things, you're made to feel ‘needy.’ If this sounds familiar, it's probably time for warning bells.

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