Professor dating former student

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Examples of potentially beneficial interactions or relationships include, but are not limited to, attending a formal ceremony; conducting hospital visits; providing support during a stressful event; or maintaining mutual membership in a professional association, organization, or community.Counselor educators discuss with students the rationale for such interactions, the potential benefits and drawbacks, and the anticipated consequences for the student.Standard III: PROFESSIONAL COMPETENCE AND INTEGRITY 3.7 Harassment.Marriage and family therapists do not engage in sexual or other forms of harassment of clients, students, trainees, supervisees, employees, colleagues, or research subjects. Marriage and family therapists do not engage in the exploitation of clients, students, trainees, supervisees, employees, colleagues, or research subjects.

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Faculty members discuss with former students potential risks when they consider engaging in social, sexual, or other intimate relationships. Nonacademic Relationships Counselor educators avoid nonacademic relationships with students in which there is a risk of potential harm to the student or which may compromise the training experience or grades assigned.This seems to have changed in the last couple of decades where more training institutions clearly separated the therapist/analysts role from the instructor/teacher role.Trainees are allowed to fulfill the therapy or analysis requirement with therapists or analysts from outside the institutes in order to avoid the dual roles of clients and students.Educators clarify the specific nature and limitations of the additional role(s) they will have with the student prior to engaging in a nonprofessional relationship.Nonprofessional relationships with students should be time limited and/or context specific and initiated with student consent. Zur's comments: The code seems reasonable when it states in F.10.a.

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