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So, the biggest challenge was just staying committed and doing my best to overcome all the little hurdles like learning about hosting and domains…and of course how to get traffic from search engines.All these little challenges have prevented lots of other people from starting successful blogs; but luckily I was able to stick it out and now most of these challenges seem very simple to me. You recently publicly shared how you were able to rank #1 for a keyword of a new niche website.So, I do still have over 200 sites, but I don’t build as many anymore, and the ones I do build are much more likely to stand the test of time and truly provide the end user what they are looking for. For someone that is new to blogging, how difficult would it be for someone to start a niche site from scratch? Like anything, there is a learning curve to niche sites. However, the most important part is finding a keyword (topic) to target.

Why do you believe it’s financially attractive to want to build one (you can get into the various ways to monetize niche sites here) Niche site can be very profitable because the ability to rank for these keywords is often quite un-competitive.Could you first explain to our readers what a niche site is.A “niche website” is simply an information based site that targets a very specific topic.I'm not a good writer so I'd like to just do something where I can hire people to put it together for me. Please visit my site to read best air purifier reviews.kay, raise your your hand if you enthralled with the idea of building a website that passively generates extra money while you sleep. 🙂 While that wasn’t the initial intent of creating my blog, that has definitely been the direction all of my sites including my wife’s has gone. But it is nice when you can walk away from your blog for several days and still generate revenue. If you think Spencer can’t get even way cooler…for it….for it….. Can you give us a little of your background of what got you into blogging and what your blog Niche Pursuits is about?

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