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The concept of settling unpaid debts, like credit cards, is not overly complicated, though it is certainly something that cannot fit on a single web page.And once you introduce the different stages of debt collection; and how to negotiate with debt collectors vs settling with your bank; or outline what you can do when settling collections in the court; the content for the debt settlement guide grew larger, and continues to expand.Let’s start by narrowing down the basic principle of the 3 most common debt solutions to one sentence each.If you are looking at debt settlement as a way to deal with problem bills, it is likely because you are in the middle.Knowing the policies and procedures for each of your accounts you will settle, in advance of the settling, is a huge benefit.You simply plan ahead financially for the settlement opportunities that will be presented, and make the right moves along the way.

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And there is both safety and comfort in this predictability.We have provided debt settlement education and debt negotiation services since 2004. We have made our customers, members, and readers good at it.We are also not your Aunt Mildred’s debt settlement company (no offense Mildred).We have decided to create and publish the online debt relief program for many reasons.We may fully lay out more of the reasoning in a later update to this section, but for now, here is some of the considerations we have in doing this: We decided to create and publish this guide so that you can tell the difference between whether settling credit card debts is right for you, and if it is, when, why, and how much of your money to put into this method for resolving debt. We offer our support freely to the public through dedicated feedback in the comments on virtually every page of the site, and on our Debt Bytes You Tube channel.

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