Recent developments in self validating seva sensors

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The Coriolis mass flow meter was the first instrument studied by the Oxford group.

An understanding of the failure modes of the device led, in the mid 90s, to the realisation that an all-digital transmitter design could lead to substantial performance improvements (e.g.

Doctor Henry had to modify his method so that it could become applicable to our signals; that was the main difficulty, but we overcame it." Results of the collaborative work of South Ural scientists and scientists from the University of Oxford were presented at the 26th International Symposium on Industrial Electronics (ISIE) IEEE Conference in Edinburgh and are soon going to be published in the prestigious scientific journal Industrial Electronics Magazine.

Besides, Manus Henry is the Head of the SUSU International Laboratory for Self-Monitoring and Self-Validating sensors and Systems, which allows us counting on further successful cooperation between Oxford University and SUSU.

Development of latest pressure sensor construction with self-validating function is currently underway at the University for a number of strategic industries including nuclear, aerospace and petrochemical, amongst others, in cooperation with the University of Oxford and the world’s industrial giants.

"The task is interesting for Manus Henry because our pressure sensor's signals are short-time which complicates the process of their parameters’ assessment.

An intelligent sensor is a device which possesses a metrological self-validating function.

For seven years, Oleg Bushuev has been conducting research in the field of "intelligent sensors" in collaboration with Oxford University professor – Manus Patrick Henry.

measurement analysis, monitoring of auxiliary signals, active self-testing), but then reports the resulting assessment of measurement quality in a standard format, which includes the on-line uncertainty of each measurement.

This allows the development of generic control system responses to changes in measurement quality without the need to interpret device-specific error-codes.

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