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Apache and Bighorn were teamed together and were the first to encounter the Insectrons.Unfortunately, Starscream of the Predacons had already filled the Insectrons with false information about the "evil Maximals", and so Bigmos and Tonbot came out swinging.

As the Predacons began destroying the Gaian forests to make room for their Angolmois energy mining operation, the Maximals emerged to help put out the forest fires. engages in the provision of reinsurance and insurance services.It operates through the following segments: Property, Casualty and Specialty, and Other.Their ship, the Yukikaze, was shot down by the Predacons over Gaia, leading Bighorn and the others to evacuate in escape pods, and scan beast modes once they arrived on the planet's surface.Bighorn and the others located the Predacons on board the Galvaburg II as their efforts to harvest Angolmois energy began to pollute and destroy the natural environment.

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