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Ron Wyatt said that the blood of Christ ran down through that crevice and onto the Mercy Seat of the Ark of … 1960, 27 year old Ron Wyatt, along with thousands of other people, read an article in “Life” Magazine about a strange boat-shaped formation in the mountains of Ararat: “NOAH”S ARK? While routinely examining aerial photos of his country, a Turkish army captain suddenly gaped at the picture shown above. It was a Sunday morning just like any other Sunday morning.It is not an admonition that Christians are to observe no days at all.Note: The clear statement “Let us keep the feast” can only be a reference to the Feast of Unleavened Bread, which immediately follows the Passover. In commenting on this passage, Conybeare and Howson put it this way:“In spite of the opinion of some eminent modern commentators, which is countenanced by Chrysostom, we must adhere to the interpretation which considers these words as written at the Paschal season, and suggested by it.

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The observance of holy days, or holidays, is deeply entrenched in every form of the Christian religion. Be sure to take your time with this study, looking up each of the Scriptures and reading them in their context (with their surrounding verses, to get the story flow).The argument fails in view of the fact that most Christian churches have always kept Pentecost!It is difficult indeed to brush aside Acts 2:1 as though it were a coincidence that the Holy Spirit was given on the Day of Pentecost.Note: These people had clearly been pagan before their conversion.This statement could hardly have been made concerning adherence to the religion of Moses–nor would the holy days God delivered to them (which Jesus kept faithfully throughout his life and ministry) have been described as “weak and beggarly.”There is an interesting play on words in verses 8 and 9 which is lost in some translations. Read these verses carefully with this in mind and the following facts emerge: Note the repeated emphasis of the word “again.” This bondage is not new to these people.

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