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Not because he’s a chicken, but because he and his wife split the Friday night/Saturday night tour duties that generally go year-round.

Avena confessed that some tour nights she was skittish and would have preferred the comfort of his company.

The crowd settled down in time to hear about the 1850s journal of a Bulloch woman who witnessed midnight candlelight processions of slaves burying their dead in the woods behind the mansion.

RGPI was asked to investigate after several volunteers reported ghostlike experiences in the Titanic exhibit, as well as in other galleries.

Georgia Aquarium houses more than eight million gallons of water, and the new dolphin exhibit construction is underway to expand the world’s largest aquarium.

About Roswell Georgia Paranormal Investigations () RGPI is a professional paranormal research group that services all of Georgia.

The episode (entitled “Titanic Terror”) premiered on April 15th, 2009 in the show’s 5th season.

The episode may be viewed in it’s entirety through a link posted on our home page. The chilly night’s breeze suggested indoor pursuits were a good idea this late in February.

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