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Evey's father looks at her mother and again they clasp hands. They offered such a simple deal; give up control and we will restore order. SUBURBAN HOUSE Little Evey is asleep in her bedroom. Her father sits beside her mother on the living room couch, watching the news. They would hide it from me, like a secret between them. They take hold of each other's hand, clasping them tight. DASCOMBE The time has come, London, to return to a bygone age, an age of tradition, an age of values that have been disparaged and all but forgotten.

V FOR VENDETTA Written by Larry and Andy Wachowski Based on the graphic novel by Alan Moore FADE IN: In the darkness, we hear a voice, a woman's voice. I know of now reason why the gunpowder treason should ever be forgot." Her voice has a strength that is metered by a calmness, a deep centered peace that we can feel. O.) Those were almost the very first words he spoke to me and, in a way, that is where this story began, four hundred years ago, in a cellar beneath the Houses of Parliament. Guy Fawkes, a dangerous man who wears a goatee, is struggling with a wheelbarrow stacked with barrels of gunpowder. O.) In 1605, Guy Fawkes attempted to blow up the Houses of Parliament. O.) He was caught in the cellars with enough gunpowder to level most of London. He looks into the crowd until he finds a face, a woman's face, staring up at him. O.) For in the plot we find more than just a man, we find the idea of that man, the spirit of that man, and that is what we must never forget. People are gathered along the street as if they were waiting for a parade. O.) Of the chaos that seemed to swallow the beginning of the 21st century, there is one thing I do remember.

BATHROOM A nun with a switch in her crossed arms watches as Evey and several other little girls scrub the floor of a dormitory bathroom. O.) It was done so quickly and violently, so completely, that it began to seem that it had never even existed. Outside, he sees his lover being forced to the cobblestones.

HOUSE A gay man is dragged violently from his Piccadilly home. What God had started with AIDS had to be finished by man. When he looks up, another man in a military uniform whose name is Almond is watching him. O.) And in the vacuum of that silence, order was imposed.

FINGERMAN 1 Gosh, fellas, look at those big innocent eyes.

He shoves her face first against a brick wall, lifting her dress to expose her bottom.

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