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This empowers developers to deliver distinctive, custom app-like experiences while We Chat enforces the rules (messaging frequency, sensor permissions, etc.) that protect users.These web-enabled, app-within-an-app official accounts are a breakthrough in messaging, and are one of many reasons that We Chat has become a flourishing platform for any company or influencer that wants a mobile presence in China.Furthermore, because users have to opt-in to official accounts, they are essentially always “logged in” to them.This is especially effective for lower frequency but important services like managing credit card statements or utility bills.On We Chat, official accounts are approved to access exclusive APIs for payments, location, direct messages, voice messages, user IDs, and more.(Not every official account uses these APIs, but there are still millions of them that indeed are app-like.) For the end-user, adding an official account is as simple as adding a friend.I cannot emphasize the importance of this Wallet enough.

This is in stark contrast to Western apps, which lean towards “app constellations”.) Philosophically, while Facebook and Whats App measure growth by the number of daily and monthly active users on their networks, We Chat cares more about how relevant and central We Chat is in addressing the daily, even hourly needs of its users.It was launched just 4 years ago by Chinese investment holding company Tencent, one of the largest internet companies in the world.As of earlier this year, We Chat had 549 million monthly active users (MAUs) among over one billion registered users, almost all of them in Asia.To put that in context: That’s only 150M MAUs fewer than Facebook Messenger, almost 3x the MAUs of Japan’s Line, and 10x the MAUs of Korea’s Kakao (which Tencent is also an investor in).[Tencent is also a strategic investor in a number of U. startups, including some of ours.] Downloading the app is free, and We Chat has only just begun to experiment with advertising revenue, so where then does its ARPU magic lie?

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