Sedating dogs for car travel

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Leon William Kaufman, MD, Ph D; treating osteoarthritis with up to 5,000 mg of niacinamide daily; divided doses more effective; EXCERPTS from Dr.Kaufmans book The Common Form of Joint Dysfunction; Chapter Overviews and links to entire text online; original 1949 edition available; MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS and VITAMIN C; Frederick Robert Klenner, MD was reversing multiple sclerosis with vitamin megadoses back in the 1950's; MS is a vitamin deficiency disease; MS, thiamin (vitamin B-1) and beriberi; Klenner gave MS sufferers one or two *thousand* milligrams of thiamin a day, how to buffer ascorbic acid; links for DEPRESSION AND SCHIZOPHRENIA; SPECIALIZED GERSON THERAPY BOOKLETS NOW AVAILABLE; links to posted summaries and reviews of the Gerson therapy; PANIC ATTACKS; links about LINUS PAULING AND VITAMIN C; PREGNANCY; morning sickness; constipation; hemorrhoids; heartburn; plus another corny joke. ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE: Big Difference; Why car self-repair, appliance self-repair and health self-repair require a common attitude; the financial aspects of all this; a quick way to evaluate your doctors true alternative potential; VITAMIN C in sufficient quantity can substitute for antibiotics, , antipyretics (fever-reducers) antihistamines, and corticosteroids such as Prednisone; NIACIN substitutes for various tranquilizers, sleeping pills, antidepressants and antipsychotic medications; the team of Vitamin E, coenzyme Q10, stress reduction, vegetarian diet and minerals such as magnesium beat any a cardiovascular drug on the market; blood clots ( juice, and cabbage juice; the most reliable and most powerful help for the sugar junkie is to diligently follow Dr. Williams nutritional program for alcoholism; B-complex, chromium, vitamin C, lecithin, L-glutamine; books by Roger J. D.; ART NEWS; Vitamins ease jet lag and travel stress; some hints that may help get you and your supplements through the customs/security gate without a fuss; HOW TO AVOID PESTICIDES; they do not come off in water; Soap, or detergent, is effective in removing pesticide residues; how to see for yourself; children consume vitamin-bashing article; Vitamin C does not cause kidney stones; the article attempts to trash even a morning daily multivitamin and calcium, actually calling it a "daily fix."; AMA says: "It appears prudent for all adults to take vitamin supplements." (JAMA 2002;227-3129) All included, there is one death from vitamin overdose about every ten years in the USA; 100,000 pharmaceutical drug deaths annually in America; "ITS GOOD FOR WHAT AILS YOU" said my great-uncle; treating a particular disease condition vs.

D.; Stability of vitamin B-12 in the presence of vitamin C; why individual needs for vitamin C vary greatly, especially during illness; bowel tolerance (saturation); more references; sore throat; strep throat; antibiotic 60,000 mg of vitamin C is preferentially toxic to tumor cells, similar to cancer chemotherapy; most best-publicized vitamin C and cancer studies have not utilized high enough doses to work; Hugh D. D.; Acid Reflux; Asthma; Backache; Congestive Heart Failure; Cervical ; Endometriosis; High Blood Pressure; Parkinsons Disease; Whooping Cough; Joey Greens "WACKY USES" website; some light industrial uses for Coca-Cola include "Clean corrosion from car battery terminals" and "Clean a toilet bowl"; J. LANDMARK ANTI-VACCINATION DECISION IN NEW YORK: your children may attend school without ANY shots if you have a religious exemption; this now includes children that are partially immunized; health department or school officials' claims that their religious beliefs are not "sincerely held" negated by Jan, 2002, U. Environmental Pathology, Toxicology and Oncology," 2001, Vol.

Emanuel Cheraskin (formerly Chairman of the Department of Oral Medicine, University of Alabama Medical School; his new book Vitamin C: Who Needs It? pasteurized commercial brands; YOU CAN BE YOUR OWN DOCTOR; doctor-caused injury rate dwarfs the annual automobile accident mortality of 45,000 (JAMA, July 5, 1995, 2-34.); pneumonia; really sneaky ways to help your loved ones become vegetarian; FLEA POWDER CHEERIOS: the 1994 contamination of 160 million boxes with ); fatigue, depression, weight gain, insomnia, difficult menopause, endometriosis, arthritis and rheumatic complaints, low sex drive, infertility, and skin problems; what tests to ask for; TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) over 3.0 is "suspicious"; using a mercury basal thermometer; what to say to a doctor who wishes to deny you thyroid supplementation because your T-4 is high; side effects of too much or too little thyroid; thyroid medication does not cause osteoporosis; caffeine, tobacco, alcohol, and aspartame (""); iodine supplementation; history and dangers of water fluoridation; alternatives to stitches; how to use a butterfly bandage; no scientific evidence that demonstrates that vitamin C narrows, harms, or "clogs arteries" in any way; Abram Hoffer, MD cites research showing vitamin C improves blood flow; vitamin C strengthens arteries. Hoffers ABC of Natural Nutrition for Children; case histories; research summaries; comparisons of drugs and vitamins; food additives; heart disease; psychosis, psychiatry; double-blind, placebo-controlled studies; schizophrenia; Prozac; Vitamin B-3 and Schizophrenia; pellagra; niacins sedating effect; sleep; diarrhea, dermatitis, and dementia; weakness, anorexia, lassitude, indigestion, skin eruptions, skin scaling, neuritis, nervous system destruction, confusion, apathy, disorientation, and insanity; "pharmacological lobotomy"; Margot Kidder; adrenochrome; John amines; niacin toxicity is rare; serum cholesterol; safety margin; flushing; positive side effects; cancer; unethical to deny vitamin therapy; class-action lawsuit; three inaccurate claims for disparaging vitamin C; Vitamin C and Cancer; Robert F. D.; vitamin C reduces the side-effects of chemotherapy, surgery and radiation; the risk reduction aspects of vitamins; collagen; blood work of cancer patients shows that they have abnormally low levels of vitamin C; reading list; Abram Hoffers on-line articles, bibliography and home pages; S 1330 IS, the Dietary Supplement Tax Fairness Act of 2001 would provide for tax exempt status for any dietary supplements; John Vitamin therapy is a valuable addition to surgery, chemo, and radiation; greatly improves quality of life for cancer patients (less hair loss, less nausea); reduced pain and burning from radiation; speeds surgical recovery; adjunctive therapy or supportive therapy with nontoxic nutrients; the protocol of Ewan Cameron, MD; links to Gerson therapy resources and other cancer references; international website devoted to orthomolecular (megavitamin) medicine; diabetes, Huntingtons disease, , heart disease (many entries), cancer, fertility (many entries), birth defects, arthritis, Crohn's disease, and cystic fibrosis; vitamin C supplementation reduces miscarriage rate and infant mortality in South American native tribes; vitamin C powder; "Mike the Headless Chicken" and his website; carpal tunnel syndrome; Dr. Ellis book on vitamin B-6 entitled Free of Pain; Linus Pauling; B-6 shrinks synovial membranes that line the joints; minimal side effects; dosages; hair loss; male pattern baldness; zinc and the B-vitamins; rice is actually a "complete" vegetable protein; hints if you are not yet a rice fan; the ultimate hypoallergenic food; TRIBUTE TO EMANUEL CHERASKIN, M. ; Do you drink cow breast milk and eat the muscles of dead animals; MAKE YOUR OWN NATURAL HOME FIRST AID KIT; Heart attack, inoperable blocked grafts, angina, and megavitamins. D.; JUICING HINTS; FLUORIDE FACTS; megadoses of vitamin C without taking supplements?

RELAX about anthrax; tuberculosis; consumption; TB; polio; vitamin C kills viruses and bacteria; germs are not the primary cause of disease; Anthrax; Ebola; West Nile fever; poliomyelitis; reference websites; ADHD IS NOT CAUSED BY RITALIN DEFICIENCY; Ritalin toxicology; niacinamide therapy; The Common Form of Joint Dysfunction, by William Kaufman, M. "; Wheatgrass; which forms of supplemental magnesium are best absorbed; Arnold and drug-resistant bacteria; 10 WAYS TO WRECK AN IMMUNE SYSTEM; an obsessive study of pathology is sickening; Leprosy; malnutrition; tobacco deaths; how to stop smoking with vitamin C; how to make vitamin C spray or substitute for it; FLUORIDATION PROPONENTS MISLEAD VOTERS; misinformation and attempts to discredit scientists holding opposing anti-fluoride views; kids in many countries that don't fluoridate water have fewer cavities than their American counterparts; swishing and spitting fluoridated water is probably just as effective as swishing and swallowing; babies are overdosing on fluoride; health wisdom from Scott Nearing; save money on your food bill; Helen and Scott Living the Good Life; why we do not need breakfast; my morning formula for a vitamin pick-me-up; COMPUTER TECH FOR COUNTRY FOLK; glaucoma; lecithin; phosphorous; phospholipids and phosphatidyl choline; cardiovascular disease; acetylcholine; neurological diseases; Parkinsons. D.; fiber, juicing and steaming; how-to instructions from the great naturopath Christopher VITAMINS IN HOSPITALS: TAKE SUPPLEMENTS, NOT ABUSE; Three Unacceptable Reasons for Stopping Vitamins; Feature Article: MENIERES SYNDROME AND TINNITUS; CHIROPRACTIC or osteopathic adjustment of the upper cervical (neck) vertebrae; Vitamin therapy; NO ASPARTAME, and no sugar, either; hypoglycemia or Type II diabetes; HOMEOPATHIC KALI PHOS.; ringing in the ears, dizziness, nausea, motion sickness; ONE-MINUTE HEALTH ANALYSIS; "gymnasium" is Greek for "to exercise naked"; some favorite exercise phobias; INSTANT PHYSICAL FITNESS TEST; FLUORIDATION AND CANCER; Takahashi et al in the July 2001 "J.

Rinse Breakfast; cardiovascular disease; lecithin; nutritional (or brewers) yeast; calcium and magnesium; wheat germ; mono-unsaturated oil; vitamin E; vitamin B-complex; atherosclerosis. of Alabama Medical Center); HEADACHE by Jennifer Daniels, M. D., the very first head of the FDA); Germs Patented by U. Government Linked to AIDS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Gulf War Syndrome, MS, Cancer, Immune and Neurodegenerative Diseases, "West Nile Fever; Encephalitis; actual patent numbers listed.

Medical education for everyone; the "Cliffs Notes" of medical school; The Merck Manual (Merck & Co, Rahway, NJ); understanding medical terms; Taber's Medical Dictionary; Encyclopedia and Dictionary of Medicine and Nursing by Miller and Keane; your doctor as your sub-contractor; second opinions; bibliography of especially good natural healing books; Supplements and Genetic Engineering (GE) by Dr. D.; water, mustard, milk, soda, toxins; NY suspends medical doctor's license because she got a patient better with diet and exercise; What is in Second Hand Cigarette Smoke? Blake, Herbert Hoover; Gloria Swanson; choice of what to eat is entirely a free one, even for the poor; the less you spend on food, the healthier your diet; I generally still spend under weekly to feed myself; dairy and vegetable protein is just as good as meat protein; legumes; Caffeine allergy; anaphylactic reactions; schizophrenia; cerebral allergy; inability to focus; delusions, paranoia, and hallucinations; amphetamine psychosis; bipolar; anger, impulsiveness, aggression, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD); depression and anxiety; panic attacks; memory loss, confusion, tremors, insomnia; how the United States Post Office attacked those who sold vitamin E by mail; New England Journal of Medicine articles in clear support of vitamin E supplementation; cardiovascular disease; why our skin is a more or less arbitrary line between our external and internal environments; Barry , M.

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