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Khat (Catha edulis Forssk.) is an evergreen flowering tree or shrub, first identified by Forsskal, a botanist in 1762 [1, 2].

It is mainly cultivated in East Africa and the Arabian Peninsula.

Similarly the risk of anxiety among khat chewers was about 5 times higher compared to nonchewers.

Generally current khat chewing practices in the study area are relatively high.

The occurrence of reported, perceived psychological problems mainly depression and anxiety was significantly higher among khat chewers compared to nonchewers.

Thus efforts like creating awareness about negative effect, making different recreation methods available, and formulating common conventions regarding khat use mainly by young generations are necessary to decrease the magnitude of chewing practices and thereby its associated consequences.

This causes absenteeism from work, absenteeism from class and poor academic performance of the students [23], and unemployment.

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Chewing of khat has been practiced in many countries for social, psychological and religious reasons [10, 11].

The town has one public university and many private colleges.

Age, sex, religion, educational status, marital status, family status, occupational status, and khat chewing are the independent variables.

The study conducted among college students in North West Ethiopia also showed the current prevalence of khat chewing was 17.5% [7].

Similarly, institution based cross-sectional study conducted among college students in Bahir Dar town, Ethiopia, showed the overall prevalence of khat chewing in college students was 19.6% [8].

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