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Psychologist Jelena Holcer recommends that parents should repeat million times to a child what kind of dangers are lurking on the internet, to scare him and name the real examples of the dangerous situations high school girls can get themselves into.

In that way they prove that they are more mature, because they have been with an experienced man, so they compete among themselves which one was with an older men and brag about their sexual feats - said Milivojevic.

They arrange a meetings and make money in that way, from 30 to 50 euros.

Nobody is controlling that - told a shocked parent of a teenager (15), a student of a Belgrade high school, for Alo. - I couldn't believe that, so i registered to one of those sites.

We recently programmed Bucket, the IRC chat bot in #xkcd, to allow people set their gender so he can use pronouns for them.

This ended up taking hundreds of lines of code, three pages of documentation, and six different sets of pronouns and variables, just to cover all the basic ways people in the channel with different gender identifications wanted to be referred to (even without invented pronouns like “xe”, which we vetoed). The role of gender in society is the most complicated thing I’ve ever spent a lot of time learning about, and I’ve spent a lot of time learning about quantum mechanics.

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