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Adding to this, the king is aware of his pivotal role in the universe even though he is corresponding with “brother kings” as if they were equals.Let’s again put ourselves in the sandals of the guest from Hatti to see how international relations were affected by imagery in the royal hall.These images of captive foreigners mostly adorn areas where they are stepped on by the pharaoh.In Egyptian ideology, the objects evoke the Egyptian idea written on one of king Tutankhamun’s footstools, “every foreign land is under your (the king’s) sandals.” These images were tools of political intimidation when seen by foreign emissaries but they also functioned on a supernatural level.To the Egyptians, the king is shaping the invisible world the tangible world as he sits on his throne.He is performing a supernatural action of crushing the foreigners while he greets real-life foreigners in the audience hall.When you are brought before the king you prostrate yourself low to the ground, with your head on the stone floor. The king orders you be lifted to speak and it is that moment you are brought to your feet and take witness of your surroundings. In the audience hall the king is surrounded by palatial decorations, many of which depict foreigners, that is to say, you.

Clerks under certain circumstances such as abolishment of your job or reposting of your job you may be entitled to conduct your scheme training on the clock.After traveling for a few days and nights, you are met by the embassy of the king of Egypt who welcomes you and showers you with kindness and compliments.The new travel mates provide extra protection for the precious goods you are bringing.As a friend of the king of Hatti you are also well-versed in foreign politics, and so you are assigned to visit the king of Egypt and deliver gifts.So you gather your horses and servants to load your caravan for the trip south.

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