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The women judge her as being dumb and young enough to have "everything pointing up".Richard is a hero with his guys for managing to end up with a young hot girl. Monica and Richard meet in the bathroom, where they decide to tell everyone everything.They realize the great difference in their ages and decide not to pursue a relationship.But when they start making out again, they figure they can take their time with it.Monica seems attracted to him, even though they are 21 years apart in age.

Monica, however, is keen on having children of her own, but doesn't pursue the subject as she fears it would become uncomfortable.

Later, Monica tells her mother about Richard, which by the look on Judy's face, does not go down well.

She and Jack don't have much time to mull it over, however, as everyone bring Jack the birthday cake.

When Joey and Chandler have an extra ticket for a Knicks game, Monica convinces them to take Richard, but they do it only because they can go with his Jaguar.

Joey and Chandler start really liking him, so much that Chandler starts growing a mustache and Joey starts smoking cigars.

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