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Focus is much faster (although still can hunt a bit in low light, but then again, so can my Canon), manual focusing is aided by either focus peaking or a digital split image (which reminds me of my first film camera many millions of years ago), and file output is enhanced due to the new 16MP X-Trans II sensor. I’d say it’s among the very best APS-C output I’ve ever seen, coming, at times, close to FX quality. If you are familiar with any other Fuji X-series camera, it won’t be nearly as much work.

Second, the fact that there is no real full-auto mode in the sense of scene recognition or face recognition – basically, there’s no dummy mode.

Yes, it does have a distinctly retro-hipster look to it, and some might find it over the top.

I happen to like it, because it’s subdued and blends in to crowds quite well, whereas some of the flashier monolithic cameras like the NEX–7, despite being all black, drew quite a few looks.

I imported them into Apple Aperture, then exported them full size to a local folder, then uploaded them here. Also, these pictures were taken in the following expert fashion: running around the house and aimlessly clicking on things (mainly cats) without working on composition or settings.

I had to downsize them a bit so they didn’t argue with Word Press. I do this with every camera to see how ‘usable’ it is right out of the box with minimal fussing. ISO 800, f/2.5, 1/140, Dynamic Tone filter on I would bet that unless you’re an old rangefinder/film camera buff, the Fuji’s system will present as awkward to you.

ISO 400, f/2, 1/60 I started reaching for the X100S more and more, even when the DSLR was within convenient reach.

For the first time since I got my Canon, I began to with a camera.

But I hated the slow autofocus, and the manual focusing was a serious pain in the pants.

I wanted something fairly small (pocketable not necessary) with a big enough sensor to let me do decent available-light shooting and occasionally get some reasonable bokeh at a wide aperture.

I shoot family, pets, daily life and some street photography when I have a chance.

ISO 400, f/4, 1/210 All pictures in this post are JPG fine quality, straight out-of-camera, most using full program mode with stock JPG settings (some are shot in aperture priority).

I tweaked to get better pictures (except for EV in one shot), so this is factory-spec output (no adjustments to color, sharpness, shadow tone, etc.). If you want to see full size images, I’ve uploaded them to Smug Mug here.

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