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A softball tournament historically has been held on the same weekend as the Moose Dropping Festival but is not part of the festival itself.Other events that typically held on Moose Dropping Festival weekend included a five-kilometre walk-run—also not a part of the official festival, a Mountain Mother contest, and a parade.The festival went under scrutiny from PETA, and they began a campaign against it after a misinterpretation led them to believe that the festival involved moose being dropped out of helicopters.This took several heated letters and hours of phone conversations to clear up with PETA and make them recognize that moose droppings were being dropped from helicopters, rather than the actual animal.The core downtown area is classified as a National Historic Site, with buildings dating from the early 1900s including Nagley's General Store,).The racial makeup of the CDP was 87.95% White, 3.76% Native American, 0.13% Asian, 1.30% from other races, and 6.87% from two or more races.

In the interim, classes were held in portables on the grounds of the Upper Susitna Senior Center.The dam would become, if built to its full design height, the fifth-tallest of the nearly 850,000 dams on Earth.The Susitna River, America's 15th-largest by volume, flows unimpeded for 300 miles (480 km) from glacial mountains through one of the planet's last wild landscapes to meet the Pacific near Anchorage.In 1919, the railroad surveyed and auctioned eighty lots, 41 of which already had permanent structures on them. Flightseeing, rafting, mountain biking, hiking, camping, fishing and hunting make up a large portion of the local economy.Talkeetna is a 2½-hour drive from Anchorage, the largest city in Alaska.

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