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The family of an ex of mine were vegetarians and decided to do the same for their dog. To spice this thread up I've included a link to the world's fattest cat []. I read somewhere that cats can't digest fruit, so I guess a little bit shouldn't harm them, as long as they were getting everything else they needed in their diets. Cats are carniviores - they may like fruit, but need meat. The family of an ex of mine were vegetarians and decided to do the same for their dog. I don't eat meat for (in part) moral reasons - so it is very difficult for me to feed the cats meat. But I make the husband do the actual dishing out of the stuff, the smell gags me.

Animals such as dogs definitely need meat in their diet (I think cats as well). Dogs are omnivores and can be veggie, but be careful. Today Nina-Louise was snuggling up to me for a kissie... My parents had a cat that weighed in well over 20 pounds (and about 18 or so when he was thin) and who loved melon.

Whether you’re going totally vegetarian or simply having more meat-free meals, we show you how to get all the nutrients your body needs.

My question is not whether or not people think it is wrong to feed my cat from my plate if I so choose, but rather whether or not it is bad for a cat to eat fruit, period. She pooped outside so I can't tell you if eating fruit upset her tummy. After all they need vitamins too Our cats (all 4 of them) are just totally mad about Marmite at the moment. Whenever I have it, I almost have to lock myself in a room Evolver, the marmite is probably popular due to the high salt content.

I thought if I gave her a good sniff she'd see that it was something she didn't want and then naturally leave me alone.

To my surprise she has already consumed nectarine, nectarine juice, pineapple and pineapple juice.

The PEN system summarises the entire nutrition and dietetic evidence-base on more than 190 nutrition and dietetic-related topics, and provides guidance that supports your everyday practice. Topics include Healthy Eating & Lifestyle, Medical Conditions, Babies, Children & Pregnancy, Weight Loss, Detoxing & Health Claims, and Nutrients in Food.

The BDA Food Fact Sheets are written by dietitians to help you learn the best ways to eat and drink to keep your body fit and healthy.

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