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On the plains, remote hamlets such as Holly and Wray will see throngs of sight-seers, eager to pile onto busses at zero dark thirty for a glimpse of the dancing chickens.More than 20,000 Rocky Mountain sandhill cranes make a two-month winter stop in the San Luis Valley during their migration North to Idaho and Canada.Le Groupement des Entreprises Ouest Étang de Berre (GEOEB) a une nouvelle fois donné rendez-vous aux chefs d'entreprises et aux responsables associatifs.

‘It has been found that those with a mutual strong-like of each other’s smell, have different immune system profiles. One of those tingling kicks you get that start in unflattering places and end up somewhere behind the eyes. When I see my shot projected on the wall, I’m relieved. As the evening progresses, I must sniff about 60 or so tops (23, clean worktop; 57, action figure plastic; 92, cake mixture; 116, gravy) and have my photo taken with three (not the gravy one).

The area is rich in wildlife this time of year, with bald eagles, elk and waterfowl, but the cranes top the list.

“It’s just one of those wildlife gatherings that are kind of rare.

Cela a également permis à plusieurs dirigeants d'échanger plus longuement ...

et peut-être remplir leurs carnets de commandes dans les semaines et mois à venir.

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