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When his parents divorced in his late teens, Evan originally opted to live in a new house with his father.Poppa Spiegel even handed over decorating duties – and a sizeable budget – to his son.Unlike many rivals, however, Evan Spiegel didn't form the foundations of the Snapchat team at an electronics club or math department meet, but a frat party.A party-loving member of Stanford University's Kappa Sigma fraternity, Spiegel formed what would eventually become Snapchat with the aid of fellow frat brothers Bobby Murphy and Reggie Brown.

Despite having come up with the idea for the photo-deleting app, Brown was dropped with no equity stake in the firm after a falling out with Spiegel.

Geoffrey James, contributing editor for the magazine Inc., named it one of 2016's best books for entrepreneurs.

It's amazing what dating celeb can do for your social profile, even when you're already a successful, self-made billionaire.

In fact, he has a reported net worth of .1 billion (£1.35bn), making him the 931st richest man in the world.

As well as having broken into the globe's top 1,000 - beers are on you, right, Evan?

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