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Tim Hingston, Jeannine Giavedoni, Deacon Terry Osmar, David Dayler and Christina Ronzio. Recognizing current pastoral issues may lead us to implement the vision in new or different ways.In June 2010, the Unity Party of Utah launched the first state Unity Party website, unityutah.com, and announced its inintention to petition, as a party, onto Utah's 2012 ballot.

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In August 2014, the Unity Party was placed back on Colorado's voter registration form as the option "Unity," as a result of Hammons's successful petition onto the ballot for the 2014 Colorado U. As of June 1, 2017, 999 Colorado voters had affiliated with the party, placing it within 1 registered voter of achieving the next level of party status in the state (as a Minor Party able to place its candidates directly onto General Election ballots by primary or assembly, without the need for petitions).

The Unity Party achieved that new Minor Party status on June 5, 2017, with 1,002 affiliated voters, and had accrued 1,085 affiliated voters as of October 1, 2017.

Although parish life may have changed our Church’s vision of Christian initiation is constant.

The renewed Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults has been used in our country since 1974 and for 30 years we have been working with the Canadian edition of the (Concacan Inc., 1987).

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