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Chris is approached by a Seminole man asking for protection for his village from the Ghosts of the Confederacy; he offers as payment a piece of gold worth , which, split into per man, equals seven men. D., Josiah and Nathan—each from different walks of life come together to protect a Seminole village from renegade Confederate soldiers.

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He told her he was an experienced investor and could make her big profits. At one point, Meyer told her he needed a ,000 Lexus for his investment activities.

Graves is best known for playing Mary Warren in 20th Century Fox’s film The Crucible, starring Daniel Day-Lewis, Joan Allen, Paul Scofield, and Winona Ryder.

It was adapted for the screen by the original playwright Arthur Miller, directed by Nicholas Hytner, and produced by Robert Miller and David V. Graves' stage credits include Broadway, Off-Broadway, and Regional Theatre productions.

Seven men from the western United States band together and form the law in a town that, for better or for worse, needs their protection from the lawlessness of the west.

They consist of an infamous gunslinger, an ex-bounty hunter, a smooth-talking con artist, a young eastern amateur, a womanizing gunman, a freed slave turned healer, and a former preacher seeking penance.

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