Torrent dating sim game

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If you download our "Complete Collection" torrent, you DO NOT need the other separate downloads.This Complete Collection includes ALL The Sims 3 games with The Sims 3 Store Updates from June 2009 to August 2014.

(It took me hours to beat it the first time.) On the very last day, you are able to choose what women you want from the game, just choose the one you have been trying to get the most.

The voice acting talent is of particular note, given that the game features voices from the famous You Tube group The Game Grumps among others.

That aside, the game's production values are reasonably high though not amazing, and many sprites and backgrounds are reused throughout the game.

Whatever you choose will contribute towards your Statistics Bar.

On the Statistics Bar will have your qualities such as: Passion, IQ, Strength, Appearance and Art but depending on what you choose to do for the day some stats will go up or down, so be careful.

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