Under florida law dating violence is considered domestic violence

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For instance, a person who pleads or is found guilty to any domestic violence charge, even a misdemeanor, will lose his or her right to possess a firearm for life under federal law.

During this altercation, the office within the home was destroyed as was the home compute rand there was evidence consistent with the allegation that our client did in fact assault her husband with a deadly weapon.

A mere accusation of domestic violence can result in a protective order, which will severely curtail the accused's ability to live his or her life.

There are special penalties that come with a conviction.

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However, there are other consequences associated with these charges.

Domestic violence, under the law, means any one of several offenses that may occur between people who have a certain relationship.

Covered relationships include: Although Florida does not yet recognize marriage equality, people in same-sex relationship may face charges and be convicted of domestic violence. Dating violence in defined in Florida Statutes Annotated § 784.046(1)(d) as an act of criminal violence occurring between two people who have shared a significant romantic relationship within the previous six months.

There are several different charges listed in the law.

However, it ultimately covers any criminal charge that results in physical injury or death.

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