Updating cracked cs4

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If you need to access updates for older (non-supported) versions of Adobe Acrobat, these are still available, but accessing them is a bit more complex now: Adobe has a FTP server that holds all old updates.

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The only update versions available are for Acrobat X and XI.Now, that’s clearly a heck of saving, but still proper money – certainly 95% of all software is cheaper than £250 so whilst we were slightly suspicious we had high hopes. The package arrived two days later and initial impressions were excellent, it was shrink wrapped, looked right, used good quality paper and had a custom box (see pic on left).An un-boxing video on You Tube proved the contents were right too.How does one update an Acrobat 9 version that needed to be re-installed?According to what I’ve heard from Adobe, it should still be possible to use the “Check for Updates” function in Acrobat’s Help menu, but the last time I’ve had to re-install Acrobat 9, that was not the case.

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