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However in the journey to the cloud this model is effectively being deprecated in favour of the loosely coupled, off box approach to customization (a.k.a. Of course aligning such disparate strategy across wildly different release cycles is impossible, and it’s both unfeasible and unnecessary for the FIM Portal to be re-implemented at this stage in line with the new world order.The harsh reality is that Share Point 2013 in and of itself offers no value whatsoever in terms of functionality for the FIM Portal.We will also cover how to prepare Share Point 2013 for the deployment of the FIM Portal, and finally the installation of the Portal itself.This article assumes that you are familiar with the functional decomposition of the FIM product and its logical architecture components.These “interesting” configuration elements are really the meat of this article, along with a few other recommendations. Our intention is to first deploy and configure the Share Point 2013 elements required for hosting the FIM Portal.

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There will also be a separate machine hosting the FIM Sync service.Whilst coming soon, those building Id M solutions now face either a mix of host operating systems for the various FIM components, or a move to Share Point 2013.In essence it’s not a big deal - a basic Share Point deployment is reasonably straightforward in the grand scheme of things, and in comparison to building out a scalable, available and secure Id M platform its toy computers.This is covered extensively elsewhere and should be familiar to you.However the accounts guidance for Share Point as it relates to FIM is weak.

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