Updating speakers in silverado

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I put the speakers in both front and rear doors as I couldn't find rear door replacements.... and sure are a lot cheaper than the dealer price... Original speaker was failing on the passenger door and this provided the replacement.To replace required removing the plastic cover near the mirror mounting, the cushion from the door arm rest, screw behind arm rest, plastic cover around door handle, screw behind plastic cover, the lock/unlock button, and then lift the door panel off.Now, I don't know about you, but if you're expecting to get your thrills from the miata's radio, you're obviously not using your car right...My 2005 Legacy GT had an amazing factory stereo, for instance. I'm not sure I got the level adjustment right, though. I forgot to eject a CD that was in it before removing it.On the stereo side, connect this splice to the "Remote Line," which is a blue wire with a white stripe. it was a simple process that took about 10 minutes.All you need is two lengths of wire, an on/off toggle switch, and some electrical tape.

They have a small hole where you would need to screw it to the metal side. These are a perfect fit for the new silverado and sierra trucks.

Unfortunately I prefer the stock look, and hate most of the fugly bling bling faceplates on most of the units I've looked at.

Just ignore him, he's just another one of the nakamichi cultists. I was under the assumption that the bose non bose head units were basically the same (from info in the garage section). Many people have complained about the Bose systems lack of mid range and boomy lows.

I think the results are better than bypassing the amp and letting a new head unit power new door speakers.

I still think that buying a good set of component speakers with external crossovers and amping them is the best solution in terms of sound quality, but by the time you add up the costs of the amp, the speakers, extra wire, etc, you're easily going to spend 0 or more. For literally 1/10th the price, you can do this, get better than stock sound, and spend the rest of that money on a set of GC coilovers, a new set of tires, or a new header.

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