Updating table of contents changes font

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In other words, they were designed by programmers at Microsoft whose ideas about how a TOC should look aren’t necessarily well suited for the legal profession.

updating table of contents changes font-11

updating table of contents changes font-84

There are nine distinct TOC styles, each representing a different heading “level.” The TOC 1 style (which affects level 1 headings) positions the generated headings flush with the left margin; the TOC 2 style positions level 2 headings one tab stop in from the left margin; the TOC 3 style positions level 3 headings two tab stops in from the left margin; and so on.

Suffice it to say you just want to alter the format of it. To fix the Table of Contents, I basically replace it. first, we select the entire Table of Contents with the mouse and hit Delete.

Or you want/don’t want the dot leaders running up to the page numbers.

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(adapted from a ‘Writing Tip’ email I recently sent to work colleagues [Word 2007 environment]) *************** Bottom line: Before releasing your document, turn off Track Changes then update the Table of Contents, List of Tables, and List of Figures so that they reflect the current headings, captions, and page numbers.

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