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If CDL holders operate in both excepted and non-excepted interstate commerce, they must follow non-excepted interstate commerce guidelines and present a medical examiners certificate.Category 2: Excepted-Interstate Commerce (CDL-10) This certification category is for applicants that will operate their CMV for excepted activities.

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Training can be provided by the Regional Service Centers.All documents submitted by email should be sent as attachments not links.You may check to ensure your Medical Certificate has been processed by accessing the License Eligibility application.This category will NOT require a medical examiners certificate, but the driver is required to meet Texas medical standards.Category 4: Excepted-Intrastate Commerce (CDL-5 part C) This certification category is for applicants that operate a CMV only in intrastate commerce for excepted activities (oil/water well servicing and/or drilling or mobile crane operations).

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