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There are some appaling attitudes in this book - the worst of all is this terrible attitude to those with learning difficulties.And to quote, when telling someone you are vegan,'hold out a moment that seems organic to avoid sounding spastic'. What a disgusting, disparaging and demeaning attitude to people with learning disabilities.Delicious recipes by a respected chef, and advice on relationships, dating, and sex when one wants tofu while the other wants a cheese burger. This combination cookbook and lifestyle book takes a unique look at inter-palate partnering, with personal stories and tips for peaceful co-existence when one partner wants a cheeseburger and the other wants a tempeh slider.Award-winning Chef Ayinde has crafted 80 delicious recipes that both vegans and omnivores can enjoy together, including: Classic Cloud-Nine Pancakes Tuscan 12-Vegetable Soup with Savory Biscuits Habanero Portobelo Fajitas Crispy Spring Rolls Cherry Cobbler and Cacao Nibs Many more Ayinde and Zoe are longtime vegans, but they have something else in common; neither has ever dated another vegan.These people also seem to hate other vegans - except for their own 'executive chef, hipster-cic vegan' friends.Every lazy stereotype about vegans is thrown in here for a laugh.Si vous voulez faire de belles rencontres, trouver l' Amour ou peut-tre votre moiti, alors Habibti com/Dating-Habibi-Arabic-Dating-Chat/3000-31713_4...

Yes, I read this yet have not made any recipes out of it but I have a ton marked.I made a Jambalaya, for me it was way too spicy, indeed all recipes in the book I've tried seem to overload the spices.The recipe calls for two fake meats - sausage and seitan mixed in a Cajun seasoning.It takes a lot for me to be offended but this casual throwaway remark says much about their real beliefs and attitudes. Seriously what arrogance from one chef to an entire race of people.Change 'spastic' to a racial slur or a homophobic or sexist insult and see how funny it is. Still, casual racism isn't off limits for the authors - apparently Chinese restauranteurs lie to you and say the food is vegan when it isn't. It is completely unnecessary to accuse a group of people of lying based on race.

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