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It offered another way of tackling the intimate anguish.

When Relate adapted the method and started to set up its own sex clinics, explains Sanders, it became a much more publicly accepted path to take.

Nine out of 10 couples say their sexual relationship improved.

Happiness, it would seem, is 'sensate focus' - sex therapy based on several weeks of intimacy without intercourse.

For most men, it is failure to achieve or maintain an erection which sends them for advice.

Some sex therapy professionals, such as Dr Alan Riley, editor of the Journal of Sexual Health, point out that these common problems are the ones on which sensate focus has most little effect.

'Just let me love you, lay right here, I'll be your fantasy/Give you sex therapy.' The come-hither lyrics, accompanied by Thicke's breathy falsetto and deep bass undertones, give the song an unforced eroticism that feels ideal for lovers of romance.

For the first part of the programme, which lasts an average of 13 sessions (for which Relate charges up to pounds 25 a time), genital touching is forbidden.

The idea is that there should be arousal and desire which create an urgency for sex.

According to other research, only about 30 per cent of erectile problems, and a relatively small number of women with lack of sexual interest are helped by the sensate focus method, and he adds: 'We don't have any definitive findings saying one kind of sex therapy is right.' While Keith Hawton, a consultant psychiatrist and author of Sex Therapy - a Practical Guide (OUP), says: 'Sex therapy is not a panacea.

There are many with sex problems for whom it is unhelpful and at present it is not possible to draw a clear distinction between those who benefit and those who do not.' More significantly, can it do any harm?

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