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Step Up 3D is about a bunch of kids with "nowhere else to go" who must fight to preserve their space, and their freedom to pursue art.

Step Up: Revolution is, at least at first, somewhat socialist — the crew wants to fight The Man, and preserve community ownership of their neighborhood.

KH: This is a very Disney thing, the orphan protagonist.

Other than the fact that the leads aren't wealthy, they're not really fighting against much. There are times they almost hint at it, and then they just yank it away. The female lead, "Natalie," can dance, though we don't see much that makes her stand out from many of the more talented members in the crew. That said, I do wish Camille had more of a story beyond just being his GF, though. They play it like she just isn't as interested in dance, but she's great at it (as everyone knows from her multiple appearances in Missy Elliott videos!You don't know what happens to the losing crews. Fine, yes, he's a good-looking man, but surely they could've found a star of at least the same caliber as Chase (Step Up 2 the Streets) — who, sure, wasn't the best actor, but at least could dance? Moose has stolen every scene he's been in, Step Ups 2–5, and it's high time that he appear in a Step Up film as the true lead.I think these movies try to be progressive — they're anti-elitism, certainly — but, you know, it's not perfect. I was genuinely distracted by how baffling I found it, and I had no emotional stake in his story. He's a natural actor, a highly charismatic performer, and, without question, the series' most entertaining dancer to watch. Step Up: All In does fans a serious service in the screen time it devotes to Moose and Camille, but it's high time for the future Step Up 6 to do us one better, and make them its proper stars. AR: When we started Step Up 2 the Streets you made a quick comment about how the best thing about the movie is Moose, but I was still surprised when he danced that first time on the stairs.On Friday, Aug, 8, 2014, the date of Step Up: All In's theatrical release, Buzz Feed staff writers Katie Heaney and Arianna Rebolini watched the four previous Step Up movies in a row — before going to see the fifth in the theater. AR: This is making me think the ability to lift me like that is, like, a qualification, in a boyfriend? Sure, there are training montages — and at least one killer (if illogical, but who cares) choreographed club scene — but it's much more dedicated to actual plot development, the characters, and their relationships. KH: Yeah, I mean, I think it's hard to judge this accurately now.Heaney had seen 1–4 previously (some of them several times); Rebolini was new to the franchise, and would experience it entirely in one day. AR: I feel like this is most apparent when you see them in a row, because you're so bombarded with these amazing and over-the-top numbers in the sequels that the first movie ends up seeming quaint. Because at the time, it felt like the dancing in the first was so great, and there was so much of it. I do think that the "battling crew" structure (absent from the first movie as well as the fourth) is the best, most exciting format for the movies, rather than the "audition" format of this one.

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