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Murray did a lot to become a star and it was interesting to read how she herself felt overexposed at times.Most surprising to me was how much control she had over her music right from the very beginning.Anne recounts her story: the battles with her record companies over singles and albums; the struggle with drug- and alcohol-ridden band members; the terrible guilt and loneliness of being away from her two young children; her divorce from the man who helped launch her career, Bill Langstroth; and the deaths of two of her closest confidantes.The result is a must-read autobiography by Canada’s beloved songbird.Her talents, her love for music and recording over 37 albums in the space of 40 years.I always loved her music from the first record I heard dating back to 1975.

Anne Murray, however, hailing from a close-knit family has drawn on the value I've always been a fan of Anne Murray and reading her autobiography has been a complete and utter pleasure!!Anyone who is a fan of Anne Murray will delight in reading this autobiography.I started reading this book 9 weeks ago from Stephenville Library NL, Canada. It gave me a lot of insight into a well known artist and musician from Springhill, Nova Scotia.Delivered in a low-profile, conversational tone so typical of her life as a celebrity that was always more interested in her roots and her family than in her own notoriety, reading her story was almost like being invited into her living room for a Saturday afternoon chat -- just pleasant story-telling, equally of the highs and the lows of her lengthy career, by which we learn immensely of a lovely woman and one of the most "solid" performers of our lifetime.Along the way, we discover much about the music "biz", much of it somewhat disheartening, almost all of it highly informative.

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