Who is hef dating now

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Here are 10 surprising revelations from this week's THR cover story: 1.

EVEN AT AGE 85, HEFNER CAN STILL HAVE A (VERY) ACTIVE SEX LIFE "We had sex once a week," Hefner says of his ex-fiancee, 25-year-old Crystal Harris. We had sex the first night that we met, with another girl, and it was such a nice relationship that I kept them both over for a weekend." 2.

"I'm the leader of a Girl Scout camp," he once said.

A sign on the mansion's driveway forever promises "Playmates at Play." But this carefree image is at odds with the essential character of a workaholic obsessive who sets exacting terms for how he and his paramours should have their fun. (Necessary, Hef told the With the caveat that it's tough to know the inner workings of any relationship (let alone a four-way one), there doesn't seem to be any one reason why Hef's relationships end.

"She was talking about a third person I didn't recognize. But I think that Crystal is more than one person; she's kind of lost at the center and was overwhelmed by the relationship, and got caught up in an affair while we were going together that I knew nothing about." As to the way they parted: "There was no disappointment in terms of not getting married -— it's the disappointment of the relationship going south," he says.

"It wasn't that I wanted to be married; what I wanted was continuity.

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HEFNER' S BEDROOM IS A MESS Old magazines and papers litter the floor all around his giant, king-size bed, with its kilim-style comforter.

"He would expect you to be at home, say, at or 6," she said. Thursdays and Saturdays, clubbing with his bevy of seven girlfriends.

iographies, profiles, and interviews suggest the answer is: probably pretty boring. Hefner has been married twice before—in 1949 to high-school classmate Millie Williams, with whom he had two children, and in 1989 to Playmate Kimberley Conrad, with whom he had two more.

The Playboy mansion comes across not so much a prison as a singularly unsexy place of strict routines, tight curfews, and old movies. His marriage to Williams lasted 10 years, and according to University of Missouri historian Steven Watts was undone by a basic incompatibility as well as by Hef's open dalliances with other women.

There are notes on an upcoming movie he will screen at one of his famed movie nights; pages from his magazine; a book review and wads of documents only Hefner could possibly identify.

It’s an intimate window into one man’s unvarnished id, and at odds with his empire’s sexual theme: Two couches are covered with hundreds of stuffed toys; there’s a mantelpiece highlighting Frankenstein heads and a framed replica of a toy gun he had as a child; the whole place is crammed with relics from his past.

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