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Lullaby might be Plant's best album of his solo career — from radio single "Rainbow" or the guitar-driven "Embrace Another Fall," to the gorgeous ballad "A Stolen Kiss" that contains the album title as a lyric to describe the elliptical eternity of an ocean / a love / a song.The weakest moments might be the songs that are delivered the most straight forwardly — maybe they were outtakes from a rumored second Allison Krauss collab, or from his work with the American-leaning Band of Joy? — while at the same time allowing your brain to sit back and just take it in.But the last four or five years, I’ve been really taken with Sam Cooke, who had a flute in a world of saxophones.He had a lot of air in his voice, and he couldn’t make a fat sound.But he learned how to sing where his voice would shine and he’d get a lot out of the arrangements.I spent time listening to him, thinking about how strong his vocals are, how simple the arrangements are and how much room he’s got to float vocally on things. ”Though Mitchell opened a tour for Griffin a few years ago, this tour will be the first time the three musicians share a stage together.“I’ve been a fan of Patty and Anaïs both for a long time now and I’ve been looking forward to a chance to get to collaborate on stage and as well hearing them sing their songs every night,” Watkins said.

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The only thing to do is wrap all that up in a big shiny package, put a bow on it and label it as the incomparable talent of Patty Griffin. We wish you a perfect day filled with music, laughter and love.

It opens your ears and your mind to musical possibilities — apparently the kind of possibility Plant doesn't think he could conceive by returning to make music with Jimmy Page.

It's an American folk song reinvented by 21st-century world troubadours.

Or give your best shot to labeling her masterful songs that have been recorded by artists as diverse as The Dixie Chicks, Bette Midler and Emmylou Harris to Solomon Burke, Kelly Clarkson and Linda Ronstadt.

Then there are the awards: Americana Music Association’s “Artist of the Year” in 2007 and a Grammy for Best Traditional Gospel Album in 2011.

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