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Recent trend shows more women are graduating college than men.This could potential mean more women will start making more money than men.

Black women face more difficulties seeking a mate of their educational ilk in comparison to White women “…because of racist attitudes to inter-marriage.” Those are Quartz’swords, quoting a study from sociologist Phillip N. Just 49 percent of Black women marry a well-educated spouse.

Read More: Extreme Marriage Experiment Suggests It’s Better to Be Right Than Happy While most married couples still have similar education levels, that percentage too is dropping. “Adults with high school or less education are much less likely to marry,” writes Pew researcher Wendy Wang, who authored the new report.

“The marriage rate among this group plummeted—from 72% in 1960 to 46% in 2012.” Three quarters of American wives in 1960 were married to guys who, like them, had a high school education or less.

They’re losing out on attaining a higher household income because they’re “marrying down.” The concept is simple, really: assortative mating brings forth greater income because two college graduates multiply household earnings by two in comparison to households with less-educated couples.

Marrying within your educational achievement bracket also paves the way for better intergenerational mobility: “Families with two college graduates will have more money to invest in their children and may be able to afford private K-12 schools or homes in top-notch school districts.

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