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“The message they are giving them is disarm,” he added.

Studies found that local gang members were drawn to criminality by the desire for status, power, and sexual attractiveness, not economic necessity, Colombian radio reported.

In 1981 eight people were killed before a government commission called on the graziers to keep off the women’s land.

The latest strike was prompted by a ruling allowing two cattle owners to begin grazing in the Naikom and Mbinjam areas.

As a former university professor, and the daughter of the first Sudanese senior manager for Shell, she has led a privileged life – and she knows it.

“As a child the south seemed so far away, and it wasn’t until I was at university when I met southerners and became friends with them that I began to have hopes for Sudan and peace.” She can act at government level to promote peace, but women in the war-torn villages had to think of some way to get their voices heard. There are direct parallels with Aristophanes’s play, in which Lysistrata’s disgust with war brings about a scheme to force the men of Greece to the peace table by denying them sex.

The governor then took an oath that he would find a solution to the farmland problem.

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While her countrywomen withhold their wifely obligations, Mrs Ahmed said her adviser role was “a duty, not an honour”.Unlike in ancient Greece, the women’s attempt to exert political influence in this way in Islamic Sudan touches a sensitive religious spot as it challenges the Muslim belief in husbands’ conjugal rights.This, Mrs Ahmed said, was why the movement had not attracted much publicity in northern Sudan, where the government sits and where the peace talks are being orchestrated. “Most don’t use confrontation, and try to exert their influence within the family, but we are powerful especially behind the scenes, and we want to stay involved.” The civil war broke out in 1983 when rebels took up arms against the predominantly Arab and Muslim northern government in an attempt to obtain greater autonomy for the largely animistic and Christian south.Mrs Ahmed has been involved as an adviser to women’s initiatives: getting women from southern Sudan to try to resolve practical problems over access to water and land rights.It had, she said, been effective in raising the profile of women.

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